What are crypto trading bots and how do they work?

crypto trading robot

Crypto trading bots are automatic software that assists investors in making profitable cryptocurrency purchases and sales at the optimal times. The primary focus of this program is to raise income and decrease losses and dangers. You can control all of your cryptocurrency exchange accounts from within one of these programs. With the use of such software, you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Here is a curated collection of the best crypto trading bots and platforms, along with summaries of their key features.

What to look for in a crypto trading bot

If you’re looking to protect your portfolio from the potential financial losses that might result from selecting a subpar crypto trading bot, there are a number of factors to consider. One of the top crypto bots will include the following features:


This is a no-brainer, as you may miss out on a great live trading chance if your bot suddenly stopped working. Consequently, it is crucial to select a bot that is both well-proven and maintained by a trustworthy organization. Reading testimonials and reviews from actual customers is a great way to do this.


There’s also the other obvious one. Because it uses a trading platform to carry out the bitcoin trading techniques you have programmed, your bot has access to your cash and, in many cases, your exchange account. If you choose a trading bot that isn’t trustworthy, you might end up losing a lot of money. The top crypto trading bots will also have proven histories of safety.


The greatest trading bot need not be simple to operate, but its accessibility is welcomed by traders of all skill levels. The primary goal of utilizing a crypto trading bot is to facilitate your trade, after all. Look for a bot that can be easily controlled using a user-friendly interface.


This is crucial since the entire purpose of utilizing a bot is to automate trading in order to make a profit. The most effective cryptocurrency trading robots make the most money for its consumers. Before using a bot, you should determine if it will be profitable. Honest businesses will detail how much money you can make with their bot.


A good cryptocurrency trading bot will also have an open source development process and helpful staff. If you’re looking for a bot that can help you generate money and provide support if you run into trouble, look for one made by a developer or firm you know and trust. Do not pick a bot without first learning about its founders and crew, as this is vital knowledge about how the bot firm functions.

Cloud based crypto bot

If you plan on earning a passive income using trading bots you will want to make sure the one you use is cloud based. This will mean that when you shut down your computer, the bot will continue to run. A few of the crypto bot programs from the list are indeed cloud based.

Now let’s get into our list of top crypto trading bots!


One of the most effective automatic trading bots, CryptoHopper allows you to keep track of all your cryptocurrency exchange accounts in one convenient location. Support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others enables trading on the platform.

Key Features:

  • You may do your own technical analysis with this bitcoin trading bot.
  • It’s simple to get plans and bot layouts.
  • Your CryptoHopper account is safeguarded by means of encrypted protocols.
  • Privacy is not an issue with this free to use bitcoin trading bot.
  • There is a straightforward interface available.
  • In-process metrics are reported in real time.
  • Algorithms can process standard signals and indicators like exponential moving averages (EMAs), relative strength indexes (RSIs), and Bollinger Bands (BBs).
  • Highly sophisticated tactic constructor with over 30 indicators and 90 candlestick patterns
👍 Pros👎 Cons
The signup procedure is quick and simple, and no payment information or payment plans are necessary to begin using it.The availability of technical assistance varies.
An automated trading system that runs round-the-clock and relies solely on cloud infrastructure.
Provides a risk-free way to practice trading without really spending any money.
Accurate Backtesting possibilities


When it comes to cryptocurrency trading bot platforms, HaasOnline is a tried-and-true option. Over 37 markets are available for fully automated trade management. You may either design your trading bot line by line or create bot strategies with the click of a mouse.

Key Features:

  • A trader may use a bot to replicate nearly any trading technique.
  • You may do your own technical analysis with this bitcoin trading bot.
  • If you’re interested in trading bitcoins, this free bot will keep your information and code secure.
  • To keep tabs on your trading bots and the market, set up a bespoke dashboard.
  • In-process metrics are reported in real time.
  • Comes with HaasScript, HaasOnline’s own programming language made specifically for trading robots.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
To engage in non-custodial trading, all that is required is access to an exchange’s API key.Has no built-in support for mobile devices.
Trading bot solutions available both on-premise and in the cloud for maximum management flexibility.
Find past optimizations that boost future ROI through backtesting and batch-testing.
It’s possible to test trading strategies without risking real money by using live order books in a paper trading environment.


Anyone interested in making money through algorithmic crypto trading without having to quit their day job can use Trality. Within an instructional, community-driven framework, they provide cutting-edge resources for developing extraordinarily complex, imaginative trading algorithms.

Key Features:

  • Prepared plans that have been carefully curated
  • Expert bots are readily available for rent.
  • User-friendly, drop-and-drag UI (for beginners)
  • Python code editor that works in the browser (for advanced traders who know Python)
  • Rapid live trading in the cloud with an accompanying lightning-fast backtesting module. Your bots are always on the job, never sleep, and never fail to make a transaction.
  • Combine data from more than a hundred different types of technical indicators using Boolean operators.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Trading plans are encrypted from end to finish for safety.There is no corresponding smartphone app.
To program your trading robot, you may use  either The Code Editor or The Rule Builder.


Pionex is one of the first exchanges in the world, and they provide 12 free trading bots. Users may set up automated trades that run in the background and profit from market fluctuations at any time of day. One of the top Binance brokers, it pools together trading volume from Binance and Huobi Global.

Key Features:

  • There are 16 different trading bots available for free on Pionex.
  • When compared to other major exchanges, the trading charge is the lowest here. The maker and taker each pay a 0.05% commission on all trades.
  • Grid Trading Bot lets its customers target a narrow price range and make profitable buys and sales.
  • The leverage offered by Leveraged Grid Bot can be as high as a factor of five.
  • The Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot is a low-risk way for regular people to earn money by investing in the futures market. This technique is expected to yield a return of 15% to 50% APR.
  • Traders using the Smart Trade terminal may configure all three of these parameters at once (stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing).
  • Money Services Business (MSB) license granted by the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
👍 Pros👎 Cons
The Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot is a low-risk way for regular people to earn money by investing in the futures market.There is no help for developing unique trading plans.
You may use U.S. Dollars (USD) to make deposits, withdrawals, and trades.
Makes it possible for users to profit by buying low and selling high within a predetermined price range.


Shrimpy is an automated trading platform and a portfolio management service. While Shrimpy initially gained notoriety as an automated portoflio rebalancing platform, the company has lately introduced its own trading interface for use on several exchanges. If you don’t feel like going to an exchange, you can do all of your trading from the terminal’s Shrimpy user interface. It’s worth mentioning that this platform is also notable for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive help center. Backtesting, social trading, and automatic portfolio rebalancing are just some of the tools they provide.

Shrimpy is a social trading platform with a fantastic community. If you want to find out how other people are generating money using the tool, you may join the community and ask them questions on Reddit, Telegram, or Discord.

Key Features:

  • Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 (FIPS) is used to encrypt and save your API key.
  • The management of your investments could not be easier with this.
  • Provides access to the current market price
  • It provides a dashboard with measurements and data on the performance of your portfolio, as well as individual assets.
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Possesses the capacity to execute automated transactions across numerous accounts concurrently.There is no assistance for the trading terminal.
You may easily mimic the portfolios of large investment firms like Coinbase Ventures, Blockchain Capital, or Binance Labs, or emulate the trades of successful individual traders.
Keep tabs on your hardware and software wallets’ balances automatically.


When it comes to trading bots, 3Commas is among the finest since it helps you maximize profits while minimizing losses and risk. With this program, you may generate profit with little to no work, and you can tailor your trading approach to 20+ different indicators.

Key Features:

  • Single and Multiple trading pair Bots Available.
  • You may use this site to make trades whenever you choose.
  • The configuration of other users bots can be replicated.
  • This feature lets you keep your coin ratios stable, which is useful for balancing your portfolio.
  • These margin trading systems for cryptocurrencies alert users to deals via email, SMS, and push alerts on their mobile applications.
  • To aid your financial success in any market conditions (be they bear, bull, or sideways)
  • Allows for simulated trades to be run in the past, dollar cost averaging to be used, signals to be generated, user-created signals to be sent out, etc.
  • Allows crypto paper trading
👍 Pros👎 Cons
Options trading can be done.For newbies, there may be a steep learning curve.
Modern automated buying and selling with a single interface.
Make use of technical indicators to trade around the clock.
Reliable, with a perfect Trustpilot rating

Crypto trading bots can be used to earn a passive income even during bear markets! There are a few free bots in our selection above so be sure to use the free trial periods on offer.